About 01Booster

01Booster is a seed accelerator especially focuses on Asian market. Basically we collaborate with Japanese large to middle size companies to support Startups. We also support Japanese Rural area and international business. Our main office is located in Tokyo, and we have strong management team consist of entrepreneurs MBA who have experience of IPO, buyout of their startups. If you have any question, feel free to ask us!

Our Services
01 Open Innovation

We provide the offline and online places “01Open Innovation” to develop new business between Startups and Middle-Large companies. Startups can expand their business to using enterprises’ resource.
As our management team has both experience of large enterprises and Startups, 01booster can provide this process.

01 Garage

We have three floors office space “01Garage” at Higashi-azabu, Tokyo, JAPAN. The office is near ROPPONGI. We have a benefit to support Startups and Business development team with 01Event, 01Openmeetup and Accelerator. Various people who have interest in new business come to our office. “Planed happenstance” is key of success.

01 Dojo

Entrepreneurs’ education class “01Dojo” is not only education but also the place who put their idea into practice. We provide the program for Startups, Enterprise and Academia.

01 Ventures

We invest in Seed to Early stage startups. Our investment main purpose is to make relationship with Startups. We don’t think to take major share, just minor share.

Company info
  • Company Name:
    01Booster Inc.
    7F, Second Watanabe Building, 1-7-3, Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN.
    5min walk from Akabane-bashi Station of TOEI OEDO LINE 8min walk from Kamiya-cho Station of TOKYO METRO HIBIYA LINE
    Norifumi Suzuki, George Goda
    Legal Counsel:
    Verybest Law Offices
    Seed Accelerator For enterprises, New business development support and education, Planning of Corporate venture capital and more. For entrepreneurs, Incubation, office, education, seed-early investment

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